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    fwmedicalspecialists (Tuesday, 17 December 2013 23:16)

    Shingles is not fun, especially when one develops post-herpetic neuralgia (nerve pain). It is recommended by the CDC to get vaccinated with Zostavax if age 60 or over regardless of history of chicken pox or not. The vaccine is covered by commercial insurances between ages 60-64. If you are 65 and over with Medicare, it will be covered but requires a co-pay usually. Check with your insurance company, then come in to our office! Read about Shingles here:

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    fwmedicalspecialists (Monday, 09 December 2013 21:48)

    Did you ever experience muscle pain from taking statin (cholesterol-lowering) medications? Perhaps, you need to add CoQ10, Vitamin D or B12...or we need to assess your list of medications for drug interactions and see if you are drinking too much grapefruit juice...or run genetic testing to see which statins may be best for you.

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    fwmedicalspecialists (Sunday, 08 December 2013 23:12)

    The National Institute of Clinical Excellence recommends topical NSAIDs as first line treatment of osteoarthritis in the hands and knee (2008).